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“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”

Anissa Trisdianty
  • The Man with a Gun in the Woods – Storytime #1

    “The others were so invested in the girl’s story I felt as though they forgot we could have been standing inches away from the end of a rifle.” Yes, this really did happen to me. And no, I do not encourage you to do what my friends I did at the time of this endeavour. […]

  • How to Write About Mental Health – A Satire Piece

    Disclaimer: this is a satire piece. If you’re easily offended then I can only ask that you don’t be. How to Write About Mental Health  “Tweet to your heart’s desire, my fair keyboard warrior, for words don’t mean anything so long as it’s through a screen!” First and foremost, to write about mental health, you […]

  • Mist – A Poem

    I was once tethered to you to the way your tongue was silver and dripping with blood. Because I owed you the world as if you had stopped me from falling right off it. But now I am clear with clarity once guarded by a mist of black. Where you can no longer feed me […]

“The world is never the same once a good poem has been has been added to it.”

– Dylan Thomas

The Writer

Georgina is an undergraduate for Creative & Professional Writing, but she is also just an opinionated bibliophile with a lot to say.

Georgina Barrowclough

Hi, my name is Georgina and I am a Creative & Professional Writing student at The University of the West of England. When I’m not studying, I spend the majority of my free time with my head buried deep in a book, or I’m off spinning tales of my own. I’ve been writing actively since the young age of 13, having published stories on Wattpad that reached a reading count of 780k. I plan to use this site to share my work to like-minded people and build a community of avid readers and writers alike.

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